Ashton Honnnecke Curriculum Vitae

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1. Summary

  • 20+ years administrating Linux and Unix
  • 25+ years software development; multiple languages, frameworks and stacks
  • 10+ years devops, cloud and colocation
  • 4+ years working with extremely large scale high profile web properties.
  • 2+ years working with blockchain and blockchain derived data
  • Self motivated, driving project development and code maintainability and reusability.
  • Approaches problems from a low level technical level as well as high business impact level.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written; results focused.

2. Profiles

3. Alternative Formats

4. FOSS Utilities

4.1. Consolo

4.2. Snifter

4.3. Jolly Rancher

5. Speaking

5.1. Title: Cleaning Up Your Python Environment Superfund Site

6. Professional Experience

6.1. Lead Cloud Engineer

  • Panasonic North America
  • 2020 - Present

6.1.1. Notable Details

  1. Subject matter expert
    1. python
    2. bash
    3. containerization
    4. unit test best practices
    5. linting best practices
  2. Chair: Best Practices / Cloud communities of practice

    Chaired internal cross team best practices workgroup, mentored developers in service of increasing security and code cleanliness.

  3. Architectural decision records

    Authored large scale, cloud native, architectural decision records: event driven and serverless, as well as serverful (fargate).

  4. Incident management

    Authored comprehensive incident management documentaion including incident classification, resolution and blameless post-mortem guidelines

  5. Custom Utilities

    Designed and implemented multiple custom utilities for drastically enhancing developer process and productivity, including hot lambda mounting, quick SNS inspection, connecting a ticketing system to a git forge, resulting in dramatically decreased developer iteration time when operating in a fully cloud native environment, when using SNS, and keeping branches aligned with tickets. (see FOSS Utilities)

  6. Artifact building pipeline

    Designed and built an artifact building pipeline, reducing build times and costs

  7. Cost Savings

    Located and decommissioned AWS services using tools such as Cost Explorer reducing infrastructure overhead by as much as 30%

  8. Continuous Integration

    Drove and implemented a self hosted static code analysis server (sonarqube) resulting in raised visibility into code coverage and quality, resulting in raising unit test coverage by more than 50% over multiple languages

6.1.2. Relevant Search Terms

  1. python
  2. terraform
  3. docker
  4. docker-compose
  5. Cost Explorer
  6. AWS
  7. postgres
  8. GIS
  9. kinesis
  1. kafka
  2. cloud native
  3. go
  4. kubernetes
  5. fargate
  6. github actions
  7. sonarqube

6.2. Blockchain Tech Lead; Senior Software Engineer

  • Digital Assets Data
  • 2018 - 2020

6.2.1. Notable Details

  1. Microservice to extract BTC and ETH

    Extracted data directly from cloud based nodes to minimize latency (python, pandas, scheduled cloudwatch events) as well as lambda API gateway microservices for the cryptographic decoding

  2. Architected cloud based data ingestion 100G/day

    AWS cloud based data ingestion microservices using S3, cloudwatch events, lambda, as well as ECS (for large long running jobs). Some of which processed 100G nightly with individual files as large as 30G.

  3. Multi Factor Authentication

    Implemented QR code MFA in django and react

  4. Automated library management

    Designed and implemented a microservice to automatically update external libraries, PR the change, test the functionality of the libraries that depend on external APIs (*but only in the PR test flow)

  5. Subject matter expert

    CircleCi, Lambda, GBQ, smart contracts, eth and bitcoin nodes

  6. Architected deploy process

    Re-structured the deploy process from a manual multi-stage process into a single “push button” script

  7. Designed and implemented scalable asynchronous background job processing
  8. Designed and implemented catching and logging unhandled exceptions across multiple projects and languages
  9. Google Big Query

    Worked with Google Big Query to extract, normalize and ingest Bitcoin and Ethereum datasets

  10. Built a unit testing and linting CI stack for everything that I wrote, and containerized (with docker) every stack that I built
  11. Mentored and supported junior developers
  12. Implemented and supported on-call services (VictorOps, OpsGenie)
  13. Hardened and containerized blockchain nodes in a graduated development environment
  14. Designed and implemented CircleCI “fan out” workflows to parallelize CI PR tests
  15. Implemented uptime monitoring
  16. Wrote and distributed git hooks to enforce linting, typing and stylistic cohesion

6.2.2. Relevant Search Terms

  1. AWS
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Nginx Python
  4. Django
  5. Flask
  6. Lambda
  7. S3
  8. CircleCI
  9. Celery
  10. pylint
  11. black
  12. isort
  13. git
  14. Docker
  15. serverless
  16. pandas
  17. sentry
  18. RabbitMQ
  19. EC2
  20. ECS
  21. RDS
  22. Google Big Query
  23. Celery
  24. Cloudwatch Events
  25. Multi-Factor, Authenticator Authentication

6.3. Senior Software Engineer


6.3.2. Nov 2015 - Dec 2017

6.3.3. Search Terms

  1. AWS
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Nginx
  4. PHP
  5. Cake
  6. React
  7. EC2 LB
  8. CSS3
  9. selenium
  1. RDS
  2. New Relic
  3. Papertrail
  4. Stripe
  5. SQL optimization
  6. EC2 autoscaling

6.3.4. Notable Details

  1. Queue Architecture

    Designed and implemented a horizontally scalable queued data feed system that ingested 7+ million rows daily from 25+ sources in 15 different formats, utilizing decoupled queues that 1) retained the raw data for traceability, 2) transformed, validate and saved the data locally and 3) pushed the data up to an external API with faceted fuzzy searching.

  2. Upgrade Architecture

    Constructed a cohesive plan to upgrade from CakePHP2 to CakePHP3 which involved restructuring the codebase around best practice OO principles to allow for encapsulation and unit testability. This included moving functionality into Behaviors and Components (CakePHP terms for mixins/traits).

6.4. Systems Architect (pro tem)

  • CSU Global Campus
  • 2014 - 2015

6.4.1. Notable Details

  1. Provided regular, non-technical, detailed explanations of the tenchnical status of the site to upper management.
  2. Designed development flow and recommending technical direction.
  3. Mentored junior developers
  4. Performed technical interviews of architect candidates.
  5. Evaluated vendors and SAAS platforms in comparison to in house development.
  6. Interpreted, prioritized and remediated external pentest results (when appropriate).
  7. Redesigned the web server configuration for use with a load balancer.
  8. Beanstalk, ssh key / git / perl deploy mechanism, researched and implemented best practices.
  9. Dealt with frequent alterations in prioritization of known tasks and unexpected tasks.
  10. Spearheaded transition to JIRA for the use of the development team to track issues.
  11. Implemented phpunit, and an environment replication process.

6.4.2. Search Terms

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Lighttpd
  3. PHP
  4. Yii
  5. Jquery
  6. Beanstalk
  7. Perl Deploy
  8. SDLC
  9. Pentest

6.5. Founder

  • Pixelstub Consulting
  • 2009 - present

6.5.1. Notable Details

  1. Wrote a MVC framework for Apache Cordova in javascript
  2. Various contracting spanning multiple decades learning and a plethora of technologies

6.5.2. Search Terms

  1. Github Actions
  2. pytest
  3. pre-commit
  4. pylint
  5. black
  6. python2/3
  7. Linux
  8. Apache2
  9. MySQL
  1. PHP5
  2. emacs
  3. bash
  4. XHTML
  5. CSS3
  6. JS
  7. JSLint
  8. jQuery
  9. SVN
  10. symfony1/2
  11. solr
  12. Lucene
  13. Propel
  14. Doctrine
  15. joomla
  16. REST API
  17. jQuery UI
  18. jQuery Mobile
  19. Apache Cordova/phoneGap
  20. jQuery mobile
  21. iOS
  22. Xcode

6.6. Senior Software Engineer

  • 2005 - 2009

6.6.1. Notable Details

  1. Code Generation

    Created a propel like database based code generation system (Models) including unit tests

  2. MVC Migration

    Migrated raw php pages to an MVC framework for the internal tools systems, including payment reconciliation, custom reusable widgets and user level authentication and permissions.

  3. Subject Matter Expert: Payments

    Responsible for all payments and related systems, paypal and credit card as well as all internal tools used to monitor, alter and archive entire accounts for legal processing

  4. Mentored Junior Developers

    Provided guidance and instruction to other engineers about design, flow and integration

  5. Subject Matter Expert: CI/CD and Unit Testing

    Drove and implemented unit testing and continuous integration

  6. Message Surfacing

    Designed, and created a AJAX system to dynamically display consistent status messages after taking action, including returning caught exceptions, specifically database exceptions

6.6.2. Search Terms

  1. CentOS
  2. Apache
  3. PHP5
  4. JQuery

6.7. US Systems Administrator

  • Proxima Technology
  • 2004 - 2005

6.7.1. Search Terms

  1. Redhat
  2. Debian
  3. Windows 2000
  4. Solaria

7. Education

7.1. Master of Business Administration (2004-2005)

Denver University

7.1.1. Emphasis: Accounting

7.2. Bachelor of Computer Science (2000-2004)

Denver University

7.2.1. Minors

  1. Math
  2. Philosophy

8. Burning man

9. Minutiae

I enjoy cooking, board games, reading, welding, and a pretty much constant stream of home projects. I enjoy a challenge and I love puzzles, and problem solving, as well as working with my hands and constructing things. I also contribute to various open source projects.

10. Contact

  • Ashton Honnecke
  • Denver, CO

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